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Is it time to consider adding some tech stocks?

Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors of society, and change is happening faster than ever before. The recent tech stock correction offers investors a good chance to enter the tech space at much fairer valuations.

Five key areas for technology growth expected in the next 5 years include:

1) 5G

5G is the latest trend in mobile phone networks. 5G stands for fifth-generation wireless cellular technology. It is reported that it will be up to 100x faster than 4G.  5G will lead to several disruptions as there will no longer be a significant need for home based landline or cable internet. 5G will allow consumers to access the internet wherever they go and will mean downloading a movie can be done in just 1 second.

Key beneficiaries of 5G will be all those involved in the mobile phone industry (5G infrastructure providers, 5G chip makers, wireless network providers, app makers, and content providers). Expect a very large increase in the amount of data transmitted over wireless systems as well as a greater need for data storage. The global rollout of 5G has already begun and is spreading rapidly globally. The arrival and rapid growth of 5G will be perhaps the biggest tech theme for 2019.

Speed comparisons 1G to 5G

2) Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)

There are currently 5 levels of autonomous vehicles (AVs). The highest level is level 5 which requires no human being in the vehicle. Alphabet Google (via their subsidiary Waymo) is leading the way having rolled out fully autonomous vehicles (level 5) in Phoenix Arizona in November 2018. The big goal here for most companies is to have robo-taxi (electric vehicle) fleets disrupting the taxi industry. Transport as a Service (TaaS) will start to grow in 2019, and will be potentially a huge growth area the next decade, provided the technology proves totally successful and legislative change follows.

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