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Recreational cannabis sales to begin in September after Canada’s ‘historic’ vote

Canada ended 95 years of cannabis prohibition Tuesday, passing landmark legislation that lays the groundwork for a multibillion-dollar marijuana industry.

The country becomes the first G-20 nation to legalize recreational cannabis, a move that one analyst called a “foundational step for the world.”

With the Senate’s approval of the latest House version, royal assent is expected to happen later this week, which likely sets the stage for recreational cannabis sales to begin across the country in September.

Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton said the vote is part of a global movement.

“It’s a continued progression toward the reality that prohibition is crumbling. This is a global thing,” he said.

Canada to be ‘catalyst’ for world

Canadian multinational cannabis companies like Canopy, Aurora, Tilray and Cronos have been front and center in capitalizing on rapidly growing medical cannabis markets around the world; some three dozen governments have already embraced medical usage.

Industry players see fertile ground for other countries to follow Canada’s lead into adult use.

Canada’s move to end prohibition is especially “massive” for the activists, entrepreneurs, consumers and anyone on the ancillary side, according to Cronos Group CEO Mike Gorenstein.

“We see this rippling across Europe. We see this rippling in the U.S., South America, and we’re even seeing movement in Asia,” he said. “Globally there are strong tailwinds.

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