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Cannabis Breakthrough: Precise Cannabinoid Delivery

Any marketing guru will tell you that the most successful products are those that precisely meet the user’s needs while making as little fuss as possible. This has been a major issue in the cannabis market since day one because drug delivery methods were developed during an era of prohibition, forcing users to set fire to plants and inhale them in dark corners; hardly the peak of scientific accuracy and a big sticking point for would-be prescribers of the drug.

However, NanoSphere Health Sciences Inc. (CSE: NSHS) (“NanoSphere”) has created and patented a revolutionary route of administration that transports CBD, THC and other compounds directly into the bloodstream via the skin by coating each molecule in a lipid shell. This prevents the normal in-transit damage resulting from digestive acids and enzymes and allows direct transport throughout the body’s endocannabinoid system through external application.

Since the legitimisation of marijuana products took hold, researchers have fought tooth-and-nail to bring efficacious solutions to market. Through its subsidiary Evolve Formulas, NanoSphere has tackled the normally-delayed onset of action, vastly increased the bioavailability of ingredients and alleviated adverse side effects of marijuana consumption, representing a major leap forward and a considerable value-add over the current range of cannabis-derived products on the market.

A study published in the National Academic Press at the beginning of 2017 highlighted the unreliability of administering a precise and effective dose of cannabis via either inhalation or digestion. There is simply no way to know how much active ingredient is finding the proper receptors due to a lack of standardisation. All plants vary in concentrations, everyone’s metabolic processes differ, and individuals continue to consume arbitrary and ambiguous doses at their leisure.

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