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Welcome to Small Cap Stock Digest (SCSD), where investors in speculative micro and small cap stocks come to get the latest industry news, commentary, and interviews!

SCSD was created by speculative investors for speculative investors.  We boast a veritable who’s who list of industry analysts, writers and experts who contribute to our site. 

We all know that investing in small cap stocks is a risky endeavor.  Far more companies will fail than succeed.  That’s the reality of this industry.  That said, savvy investors who can identify quality managment teams and companies early stand to make outsized returns. While SCSD does not offer investment advice, we do provide you a wealth of information from multiple sources to help you complete your due diligence.

Only companies who meet our strict investment merit requirements are considered for our Featured Company list.  While we are favorably biased towards our featured companies, SCSD does not provide investment advice.

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